Who we are

MyFORESTS is a ray of hope for our future in view of the focus on climate change, the many dwindling, missing forests and the insufficient water supply.

Nature and mankind are dependent on sufficient water.
Good, clean drinking water is the basis for a healthy and prosperous population. Furthermore, “my forests” also serves the transfer of knowledge and economic development, e.g. the promotion of jobs worldwide.

How it Started

Mr. Adrian Zwahlen has a love an passion for nature and water.

Being involved in the water industry for years understood the problem of water shortages and wondered how he could solve it.

He knew that planting of trees would be the ultimate solution, but the conventional way was to expensive and labour intensive.

The solution came from the most unlikely source; one day after watching a documentary about flying foxes,  he realized that one could plant tree in  an easier way. The idea of seed packets was born.

The Importance of Nature

Nature has been accumulating our resources for million of years. Alexander Von Humbold, a Natural scientist (1769 – 1859), had already realized 200 years ago: Forests are the engine of nature and cool, evaporate and produce rain.

  • 200 years we’ve shamefully plundered them.
  • In 20 years, we’ll get a horrible receipt.
  • An almost naked planet, sparse forests, too little water, hunger, unpredictable migrations in search of water and food.
  • Without Forests there will be no rain, no water and no life.
  • Forests cool the climate, evaporate water and produce rain. The forest floor filters and stores rainwater. The rainwater seeps down and feeds the water tabl