The availability of water in the atmosphere or enrivonment depends on forest coverage in an area:

Water Availability

Forests, when properly managed, can boost the water supply’s stability, allowing for adaptation to global change. Forests assist in the regulation of the water cycle by moderating precipitation, evaporation, and flow. Water vapor can be stored and released by the layers of the forest canopy, branches, and roots, which influences rainfall. They can also help to mitigate the effects of storm-related flooding by blocking and reducing the flow of runoff. Deforestation hinders this process, resulting in irregular rainfall patterns that include drought and flooding, and therefore, we must never forget that deforestation has a global impact, even if it occurs locally.


Myforests, My life. Dirty water cannot be safe for drinking. We only use clean water

Quality of Water

The availability of high-quality water is essential for health and survival, and the water quality in our rivers, lakes, and estuaries is an indicator of the surrounding environment’s quality. Healthy forests serve as a filter, preventing pollution from contaminating the water supply. Strong roots help prevent soil erosion, whereas material on the forest floor aids in the absorption of nutrients and silt. However, sediment pours into streams and pollutes water when forests are disturbed and degraded.

Cost of Water Treatment

Forested watersheds minimize waterborne sediments and pollutants, improving raw water quality in ways that moderate the effectiveness of water quality treatment. To provide clean water, communities frequently rely on costly water filtration facilities. When erosion degrades water quality, this expense often rises. Natural assets, such as forests, can help minimize water management costs while also providing economic and cultural benefits such as recreational green areas and fish and wildlife habitats.

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