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Some of the ways to Control Global Warming and Climate Change

Global warming is one of the biggest problems facing humans today. Over the past century, the Earth’s average temperature has risen by about two degrees Fahrenheit, causing environmental changes such as melting icecaps and glaciers, rising sea levels, and changes in the weather.

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How Trees Bring Life on Earth

Trees produce the oxygen we breathe, filter the air we breathe and provide homes for countless wildlife species. But trees also provide countless other benefits that are often overlooked, from preventing soil erosion to providing shade and shelter.

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3 Ways Water Depends on Healthy Forests

Water vapor can be stored and released by the layers of the forest canopy, branches, and roots, which influences rainfall. They can also help to mitigate the effects of storm-related flooding by blocking and reducing the flow of runoff.

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Amount of Carbon in the Atmosphere and Its Effects on the Environment

Carbon is one of the most important elements in our atmosphere. It plays a vital role in the greenhouse effect, which helps to regulate our planet’s temperature. But the amount …