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Does Water Have A Memory?

“Water memory” is the idea that water may remember things that have been dissolved in it in the past, even after any number of successive dilutions.

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Some of the ways to Control Global Warming and Climate Change

Global warming is one of the biggest problems facing humans today. Over the past century, the Earth’s average temperature has risen by about two degrees Fahrenheit, causing environmental changes such as melting icecaps and glaciers, rising sea levels, and changes in the weather.

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How Trees Bring Life on Earth

Trees produce the oxygen we breathe, filter the air we breathe and provide homes for countless wildlife species. But trees also provide countless other benefits that are often overlooked, from preventing soil erosion to providing shade and shelter.

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Forests and Water Interactions

Forest-water interactions are a powerful adaptation tool that when used correctly, can provide essential channels for optimizing land-use practices and water availability across regions.

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Water and the Population

According to our reports, 282 million people in Africa are hungry, with another 14 million on the verge of going hungry due to rising energy and food prices. Many of …