The environment is negatively impacted by human activity. Pollution of the air, water, and land, unjust farming practices, deforestation, and other issues affect humanity today. Natural resources are becoming less plentiful as a result. Humans and other living things have coexisted for many thousands of years, but as the human population keeps growing drastically, so does the need for excess resources. The effects of people on animals during the past 20 years are clear to see everywhere.

There has been a worrying rate of forest loss. The issue of deforestation is getting worse every day. Deforestation is reducing biodiversity, severely polluting habitats, and uprooting forest dwellers from their familiar surroundings. People are so preoccupied with their daily lives that this problem frequently goes unnoticed. Many individuals disregard the wider issue and instead support simply what will benefit humanity in the short term. People neglect to take into account how their actions impact not only the ecosystem’s plants and animals but also present and future generations.


Here are some significant environmental effects of human activity:

  • Water pollution

The environment becomes unfit for daily use as a result of human activities involving the discharge of sewage wastes, solid wastes, municipal wastes, agricultural wastes, and industrial wastes. In addition, certain diseases are spread by or are caused by dirty water.

Climatechange crisis

  • Deforestation

Many forest trees are cut down and forest land is turned into farmland in order to supply the growing population with wood products and land for farming. Deforestation causes a decrease in rainfall, an increase in global temperature, the loss of topsoil, and a change in the climate.

  • Air pollution

Numerous hazardous occurrences, including the greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion, acid rain, and smog formation, are brought on by human-caused releases of various air pollutants into the environment.

  • Wildlife extinction

Deforestation results in the elimination of valuable wildlife and a loss of biodiversity since forests are the natural habitat of wildlife (both plants and animals).

  • Economic growth

Although man’s industrial activities meet society’s basic needs, they also produce a lot of toxins in the environment. Pollutants in the environment result in the loss of raw materials, health risks, and an increase in deaths, damage to crops, and an inappropriate environment for living things.

causes of Climate change -deforestation.

We have endangered and destroyed forest ecosystems and everything that lives in them over the years, so it is only right that we try to minimize the harm we cause to our forests and wildlife. It’s crucial to realize that even tiny steps are better than none at all. If we wish to change the ecological situation, we must first change ourselves. We must examine our daily routines and make changes where possible.

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