Water is essential for maintaining health, growing food, producing energy, managing the environment, and creating jobs. It is at the heart of economic and social growth. Nothing living exists on Earth without water. The living things on our planet contain a certain amount of water, between 45 and 98%, including the human body, which contains 80% of the mass. In turn, if enough water is available and adequately managed, children will have time and better access to education, cities will be healthy places to live, and developing industries or poor rural villages will be able to survive the effects of floods or droughts.


Many things and objects in nature contain water. Even in a fire, hydrogen, and oxygen, two components of water, are used as fuel for combustion. There is water even in stones. In a stone? Under intense pressure, all stones release liquids, albeit sparingly. And although it may seem strange to you at the moment, even in the Earth’s core, in the middle of the red-flowering nature, there is a core with incredible density and mass that also contains liquid.


The Earth, which consists mainly of liquid, is a living being. Not only the top layer, which consists of 70% ocean and 30% of all various modifications of matter, including water, is intended. Also included is the internal fluid. We, the people, are also like the Earth. Does the Earth also have intelligence? Definitely, and every individual is bound to it since this intellect is contained in the memory of the water structure and includes information on everyone and everything, including each of us. All information about us, including our ideas, feelings, and physical and genetic makeup, remains in this memory because, as already mentioned, a large part of our body contains fluid.

Does water also have a memory? There have been researchers in the past who have come to this statement. Two of them were Jacques Benveniste and Masaru Emoto. Dr. Masaru Emoto has even written several books about it.

Everyone needs and has a right to clean water. To ensure that communities have enough water to meet their needs, it is becoming increasingly important to balance competing commercial demands on water resources as the world’s population increases.

The MyCenters run by MyFORESTS, a multifunctional center in rural villages, can offer services ranging from drinking water dispensers, Water ATMs, rental equipment, and vegetable markets to an online doctor, and is part of the MyFORESTS philosophy: “Forest, Water, and Life”. Our project is a glimmer of hope for our future, given the focus on climate change, the many dwindling and missing forests, and the inadequate water supply.


Nature and humans depend on sufficient water. Good, clean drinking water is the basis for a healthy and prosperous population.

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