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there is power in our action

Through our collective actions, we shape a powerful change. Every deed, whether small or large, contributes to unfolding a positive impact in the world. Let us unite to ensure that our actions spread light and hope, building a better future together.

Man transplanting tree in a prepared land
St. Mary's Tree planting


>90% of Your Donation goes directly towards our projects.

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What do you support with your donation?


strategic & eco-friendly planting

Our project improves resources for communities, prevents soil erosion, promotes eco-consciousness, and creates sustainable livelihoods. Our mission to build a greener environment.


Education & Schools

Environmental conservation is only sustainable when involving the next generation. Thats why schools are involved in our projects, helping instill enviromental awarness in the younger generation.


Water access & Littering

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Our Earth friendly Dream

We are committed to working with local communities, Schools and Goverments to achieve our goals

Greener Futue for Kenya

We Work to protect and improve the environment in Kenya. We plant trees, promote sustainable forestry and protect water resources.

A better Futur for all

We work to imptove the lives of the people of tomorrow. By cultivate a vibrant network & education(involving schools)

Bee Conservation

Our Environmental Protection Projects And Forest Conservation Initiatives Also Involve The Promotion Of Bee Colonies.